Pic: SunflowerAccess to La Colle

Pic: Provence valleys are full of nateral farming


La Colle is in fact a very quite place it is immersed in the countryside i.e. there is countryside completely surrounding it. You do not hear the sound of traffic, there are no noisy roads within earshot and the noisiest thing you will find is the sound of nature.

To get to this island paradise you have to access it by a country track. There are 4 families that live in the area and use this track all year round and have standard normal cars. My own car is a VW Bora which has replaced a trusty Passat estate and we have been using this track for over 10 years. (I also have a 4 x 4)

For certain people this track is not recommended; i.e. The very old and fragile, very sick or pregnant woman (even though over the years many babies have been conceived and born here).

The advantage of La Colle though is that by car it doesn't take very long to get anywhere and as you relax you will find these little trips a pleasant outing, whether it is to stock up on food and wine or just discover the local area.

We have had all combinations of families and groups here and as they have experienced the pleasure of this little haven they have often commented that the reason why La Colle is like it is, is because it is tucked away.

This part of Provence is real country, and some people may never have seen countryside like this! High planes, lakes, rolling hillsides, mountains, farm land, river valleys the only thing we don't have is desert! Therefore if you have the choice of vehicles to bring or  hire we recommend a 4 x 4. This is not obligatory but will heighten your holiday experience and would allow you to get to certain places that you would not otherwise see.

For guests that do not find that the track is suited to their vehicle there are now two 4 x 4 's available to be used. However this facility is in place only so that you can transit between your vehicle at La Blache and La Colle. The 4 x 4s are not available for joy riding or use on the national French roads. Full responsibility for the 4 x 4 's including any damage to the vehicles, other person(s) including members of your own party, or things, and the fuel used* is to be born by you. By using the vehicle you automatically accept theses conditions. This facility is dependant on availability and is not mandatory.

Some guests want to chat and discover some of our knowledge; others want to be left alone. As far as your privacy is concerned we have a policy not to disturb if not required. We have had families with 3 children including babies, honeymoon couples, couples that wanted to be totally alone (two
couples in fact selected La Colle as the place to propose marriage, she in both cases, accepted the proposal here and were so delighted to tell us about it).

Another couple conceived their second child here, very kindly telling us about it by Email after they left and they still keep us up to date with the progress of their child. 

While another couple decided to leave the buzz of New York to move to a similar country experience after having spent a month at La Colle.

* See maps and info emails when you have booked.

Pic: Tulip mother bulbs grown in Provence for export to Holland

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