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  Nested in between small forested hills Forcalqueir is one of the central points of the area. Even though it's population of  3992 is far smaller than the larger towns of Apt or Manosque it is a favorite visiting and meeting place for many of the locals.

The calm and ambiance of Forcalquier makes it a wonderful place to perform ones' weekly shopping you can stroll through the ancient streets pop in and out of the selection of  Úpiceries, boulangeries, boucheries or bio shops and you are generally always met with a smile and helpful shop keepers and attendants.

Although there are two supermarkets each at opposing entrances to the town it is well worth sampling the offerings of the local shops, many of whom have traded as family business for generations. Their key to survival has been the quality and uniqueness of their offerings.



  Forcalquier a wonderful central meeting place
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There is a wonderful view of Forcalquier and the area from the Citadel. If you go late Sunday morning you can hear the carillon played manually (the only one in Provence) at the Chapelle Notre Dame de Provence.

Don't forget the Monday morning market which spreads its lively colors through out the city. It is the weekly meeting of all the farmers, craftsmen and locals...lots of atmosphere!


In a more serene setting the old city is lovely with its narrow streets, shady squares, and elegant 13th and 15thc. houses.

Forcalquier also has a rich cultural life. Many writers, painters, and sculptors, charmed by both the beauty of the site and the warmth of the people, have decided to settle here. Defiantly a place to soak up some local atmosphere


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